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Metrolist, Inc., has selected CSS Scheduler

Author:  Anonymous
Date:  23 July 2014

Metrolist, Inc., has selected CSS Scheduler

Metrolist, Inc., has selected the showing management company, Centralized Showing Service, Inc., (CSS) as an integrated online showing service provider.

OVERLAND PARK, KANSAS (July 23, 2014) – Centralized Showing Service, Inc. (CSS), the nation’s leader in real estate showing services, is pleased to announce that Metrolist has chosen to integrate CSS Scheduler into their MLS which enables their members to schedule and manage home showing appointments online.

As of July 7, 2014, members of Metrolist can schedule appointments and manage showing activity online using CSS Scheduler. CSS Scheduler is a scheduling management tool integrated in the MLS system, providing a single interface for all active MLS members to schedule showing appointments. CSS Scheduler was developed to streamline the showing appointment process to generate more showings for agents who want to exclusively manage their showing activity online. CSS Scheduler sends online showing notifications to the listing agent, front desk, or other designated person. Efficiencies created by CSS Scheduler save time for agents and reduce the amount of calls necessary to request showing appointments.

Powered by, CSS Scheduler provides online productivity and communication tools that keep agents, sellers and buyers seamlessly connected through the desktop and mobile devices quickly and accurately. Agents can schedule a day’s worth of showing appointments in minutes, automatically collect feedback, and benefit from showing activity and statistical reports.

“CSS Scheduler not only streamlines the showing appointment process, but provides our members the online tools needed to be more efficient and productive when managing their showing activity,” said Kirby Slunaker, president and CEO of Metrolist. “This integration is part of Metrolist’s commitment to offer innovative resources to keep agents and sellers connected and informed.”

Centralized Showing Service, Inc. (CSS) works with real estate agents to simplify the showing appointment process with the productivity and communication tools of CSS also provides one number to call to schedule home showing appointments. Maintaining six call centers that schedule nearly 20 million showings each year, CSS services more than 150,000 real estate agent members in 70 markets across the nation. Eleven associations have contracted with CSS to provide showing services as a member benefit to all their real estate agents.

CSS is committed to helping real estate agents efficiently manage their listings, save time and provide better service to their clients. For more information, contact CSS at 877-688-SHOW (7469), or visit

Buyers and sellers can get free access to up-to-the-minute housing information throughout the state of Colorado at The website offers advanced search features and filters for price and location, as well as home values and scheduled open houses. This comprehensive local resource enables both buyers and sellers to enter the housing market well informed. is powered by Metrolist, the largest MLS in the state of Colorado, supporting the largest network of REALTORS® with the most comprehensive database of real property listings throughout Colorado. REALTOR®-owned since 1984, Metrolist provides leading technology solutions to real estate agents and brokers to better serve buyers and sellers. More information, visit

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